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System Imagetronics

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Scan System Retinographer.

Composition: Mechanical, optical and micro-electronic systems needed for adaptation, digital camera 15.1 Mp (optional 21 Mp FULL FRAME), complete computer and software Imagetronics.

 Imagetronics: Capture and processing of images, database pdf. Using the computer that sits next to the retinographer.

Scannable Equipment: Major brands in the market.

Changes in the device’s originality: None.

The device remains original, without any changes, can return to work with a conventional camera at any time.

Technical features:

– Images 15.1 Megapixels (optional 21 megapixel full frame);
– Capture real-time, photo to photo, right on your computer screen, full screen;
– Full control of the camera, changing ISO and color when needed.
– Timer Intelligent control, wastes no accurate count ever.
– Image processing
– In full screen, zoom;
– Simple and powerful features;
– Contrast;
– Brightness;
– Saturation;
– Gamma;
– Drawings and text over the image.
– Horizontal and vertical excavation Calculation
– Calculation of distances and areas in DP
– Ability to undo all treatments at any time. The original photo is never altered.
– Database ;
– Storing patient data, exam and each photo individually;
– Simple, fast and efficient backup system, recording directly to DVD or HD.
– File Automatic generation in PDF format selected layout (horizontal or vertical, different possibilities);